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Your roof is an integral part of your home's security.  Damaged or missing shingles are a sign that your roof may need replacement.  We suggest that each spring and fall you take the time to inspect your roof and eavestrough. This will allow you to clean out your gutters and foresee any problem areas where potential leaks can develop.

At Power's Castle we carry top quality roofing products from our trusted supplier, IKO. They carry a formidable lineup of today's most advanced fiberglass roofing shingles that will provide your home with a durable, beautiful roof for years to come.

If you notice damage or general wear and tear, contact us and we can recommend a qualified roofing professional to do an interior and exterior inspection. The roofer will look for many warning signs including sagging, chimney wear, rusted flashing, curling shingles, age of roof, proper ventilation and much more, to ensure your home and family are protected.

Types of vinyl siding can be broken into three categories. Siding is generally thought of as long thin planks of wood nailed either horizontally or vertically onto the house. Or, it could be small 'shingles' or 'shakes' that are individually nailed onto the house.

Our siding providers produce a comprehensive product line of windows and patio doors, vinyl and aluminum siding and accessories, designer accents, cellular PVC trim and mouldings, vinyl fencing and railing, stone veneer and gutterware. People use several different types, styles and colors of vinyl siding on their homes to create a special looks. Once you decide on the perfect look for what you want, we can help you make the best choices that fit your house and budget.

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